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Our company Werkzeugmaschinenbau Ziegenhain GmbH (WMZ) is proudly looking back at over 40 years of successful operations in the area of mechanical engineering. By taking over the machinery programs of Werkzeugmaschinenbau Sinsheim (WMS), Neue Magdeburger as well as Heid we integrated long successful machinery concepts into our range of products and developed them even further.


A second area of business are high-quality motor spindles as workpiece or as drive spindles for the processes of turning, milling, drilling, grinding and honing.


Within the network of the DVS-group WMZ represents the central supplier of components and single parts. All-round usable Multi-function heads and welding assemblies like i.e. highly complex machine beds are manufactured. Furthermore, our program offers automations like loader axis and pivoting modules. Finally we offer services in the area of job order production and –assembly as well as customer service.


The affiliation to the DVS-group assures WMZ access to the latest technologies. We construct and manufacture all mechanical core components of our products ourself and therefore we can offer you high quality and delivery reliability while still ensuring competitive cost bases.


Ziegenhain GmbH

Ziegenhain GmbH

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